Tarporley Parish Church


Growth Action Planning (“GAP”) programme


GAP began in 2009 as a Diocesan initiative and our first Goals, set after a Parish-wide consultation, were agreed by the PCC in March 2010 and were centred on:

·         Phase 1, better communications and the instigation of a Parish Day

·         Phase 2, transport support and offering a wider variety of services, and

·         Phase 3, starting a mid-week study group and creating a Parish Pastoral team.

These Goals were developed over the years and a number of initiatives were achieved, for example:

·         A Welcome course for sidespeople and others was well received

·         improved facilities for children in the churches

·         Better signage at St Helen’s

·         Walk-round guides to the churches

·         Updated pew-sheets, Link and website with e-news

·         Messy Church was started

·         A successful  Parish Afternoon was held in October 2011

·         A Pastoral Team was set up

·         Seasonal (eg Lent and Advent) and other courses were offered and well received.

Some initiatives were dropped after experimental introduction:

·         A quiet meditation based service

·         The Parish Day was not continued

The final GAP Goals for 2014-15, looked at:

·         Reaching new generations

·         Growing discipleship by continuing study groups

·         Continuing to develop the website

These initiatives included supporting Messy Church, exploring ways of including teenagers and young families in Church life, promoting further opportunities for study groups and discipleship, and encouragement for each of the churches to keep the website up to date and attractive by including pictures of activities.

This programme has now been absorbed into the normal business of the PCC.